‘Inviting Vines’ Garden Tour — Saturday May 24, 2014

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Inviting Vines Garden Tour

The Friends of the Rogerson Clematis Collection present Inviting Vines, a tour of five private gardens in Northeast and North Portland and the Rogerson Clematis Botanic Garden at Luscher Farm in Lake Oswego on Saturday, May 24, 2014 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

List of Gardens (Descriptions Below)

  1. Paul Bonine *
  2. Deborah Meyers
  3. Nancy Goldman
  4. Jim Damis
  5. Mary Leverette *
  6. Rogerson Clematis Botanic Garden at Luscher Farm

Two of the gardens have never before been open to the public (*). The tour allows visitors to see how local gardeners integrate the ‘Queen of Vines’ into their personal versions of paradise: From an urban garden with unusual drought tolerant shrubs from the southern hemisphere to two with mixed media art and sculptures; another designated as a “Gold” Backyard Habitat certification awarded by Portland Audubon Society and the Three Rivers Conservancy with mature clematis and another large garden with over 30 clematis in a more formal yet relaxing setting. The Rogerson Clematis Botanical Garden at Luscher Farm occupies an acre and a half around the circa 1900 farmhouse.

Inviting Vines is a benefit for the internationally acclaimed Rogerson Clematis Collection, a provisional member of the North American Plant Collections Consortium. The Collection grows 730 taxa of clematis represented by over 1,700 plants.

Tickets may be purchased online below or at the following locations: Dennis’ Seven Dees Nursery (Lake Oswego), Digs Inside and Out (N.E. Alberta), Garden Fever Nursery (N.E. 24th), Portland Nursery (SE Stark St), Xera Nursery (S.E. Clay), Joy Creek Nursery (Scappoose), Gardener’s Choice (Tigard), and 13th St. Nursery (Salem). Tickets may also be purchased at each garden on the day of the tour.

Unusual clematis will be for sale at Luscher Farm and at the Bonine Garden.

Inviting Vines Garden Tour

Tickets are $20 and available at the locations noted above. Tickets may also be purchased at each garden on the day of the tour.


Tickets purchased online here are only $18 until May 15th. Also, until May 15th, when you purchase four tickets online, you get a fifth ticket free.



What others have said about this annual tour:

“Loved the mix of gardens.”
“I love this [garden]; I do not want to leave.”
“Always one of the best regional garden tours; not to be missed.”

Garden Descriptions

Paul Bonine

The Bonine front garden is a jewel box of fascinating plants, many of which are featured by Xera Plants, in which Paul is a partner. This garden is in some aspects a trial garden for the nursery, so Paul can write firsthand accounts of plant performance. The love of unusual shrubs shines through, especially gems from the southern hemisphere, like the grevillea clan. Conifers are selected for color impact and winter interest. The clematis here are few but well-chosen. Clematis plants will be for sale at the Bonine garden.

Deborah Meyers

Many small garden rooms make up the back garden of this lovely cityscape, like links in a necklace, and each has a little different feel. This is a 20+ year-old garden displaying many rare and unusual plants in a peaceful setting. Planted for year-round interest, the garden also boasts a beautiful “mixed-media” walking path in the front garden. The garden features a monster passionflower on the west side, and other vines situated for maximum impact. Deborah’s “hell-strip” is truly a plants woman’s gift to her neighbors.

Nancy Goldman

Nancyland continues to grow! The front garden is happy with recent changes, including the addition of a twelve-foot gravel circle and a five-foot metal-grid curved fence. The fence is a great place to grow showy vines. The “sick and messy” hell-strip trees have been replaced with Lagerstroemia ‘Catawba’. A feature of the west side of the house is a grand specimen of Clematis montana var. rubens ‘Brewster’ that has been in place for many years. The back garden continues to be filled with art, plants, hidden treasures, and a plethora of containers. Fern fever has continued with additions to the fern grotto and fern tables. Don’t miss the pebble mosaics, designed and installed by Jeff Bale.

Jim Damis

The Damis garden is the largest and most “clematisy” on the 2014 tour. Although the first love here is dahlias, over 30 more clematis were added to the garden in the spring of 2013. There is a calm, Japanese-influenced shade garden on the east side, beyond a pair of maturing variegated dogwoods, and most small trees and the vast hedges are decorated with clematis. Outside the garden, on the corner of NE Maltby and 36th, there is a small seating area on the sidewalk, where neighbors can rest a spell, and admire Clematis ‘Burma Star’ growing in a large container.

Mary Leverette

An Intertwine: Beautiful Vines and “Backyard Habitat” Thirty or so clematis twine through a small garden that has a “Gold” Backyard Habitat certification awarded by Portland Audubon Society and the Three Rivers Conservancy. This is not a carefully groomed garden, but an attempt to make a haven for birds, insects and other creatures; the clematis provide nest areas and hiding places and complete the beauty and privacy the owners seek within a bustling city. The treasured clematis collection has grown over the years, as has the garden, based on a philosophy that ‘there’s always room for one more lovely plant!’ A “master” plant list will be available for viewing, as well as the list of the 24 bird species the owners have seen in the garden. This is a lively place!

Regrettably, the garden is not convenient for those with disabilities. The paths are narrow and laid out with natural-stone pavers, many of which are uneven. But, come and share your passions and enjoy a glimpse of a garden that has been described as “lovely, but unconventional” (by a Backyard Habitat certification reviewer in 2011).

Rogerson Clematis Botanic Garden

At Luscher Farm the Gardens include the Heirloom Garden with pre-WWI clematis, roses and cottage garden plants; the Beech Tree’s Garden with Japanese clematis species and cultivars in a bird-friendly setting with native plants and allies; the Front Bank featuring many North American native clematis; the Baltic Border with clematis hybrids from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Russia; three beds of Polish Clematis bred by Noll and Franczak; clematis from the International Clematis Society’s “Clematis for Beginners” list; the In-Steppe Garden features clematis native to the steppe regions of eastern Europe and central Asia, and their hybrids; west of the greenhouse re-blooming C. alpina and C. macropetala hybrids climb a 65′-long Viburnum tinus hedge; and the Founder’s Garden located around the sundial, contains Brewster Rogerson’s 40+ favorite clematis species and cultivars.

Unusual clematis will be for sale at this garden.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by LindaB on Wednesday, November 21, 2012

At the Friends of the Rogerson Clematis Collection, Thanksgiving 2012 finds us with much to be thankful for. We cannot let the holiday pass without first acknowledging our members and patrons, who with the gift of their membership materially demonstrate their support for the continued development of FRCC’s collection, gardens, and facilities. We thank the City of Lake Oswego Parks and Recreation department and staff, for their unfailing helpfulness, always a great team and a great attitude. To all of the donor’s of clematis and companion plants, especially the vendors at the Luscher Farm Open House in September, we thank you too. Thanks especially to the Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust. It was through their generous grant that we were able to complete the installation of the orchard garden. Everyone who sees the work finds the transformation remarkable.

And we continue to cherish the contributions of Bob and Carol Gutmann, who give to FRCC in so many ways. They, along with Brewster Rogerson himself, continue to be our guardian angels and trusted advisers.

We wish everyone a joyful season of Thanksgiving.

Clematis 'Fond Memories'

Late June Bloom Report

Posted by LindaB on Thursday, June 28, 2012

Good heavens! It might be easier to tell you what isn’t in bloom. In every part of the FRCC gardens there are many clematis in bloom, testament to the value of getting 65% of the collection into the ground. Of particular interest just now is the International Clematis Society Beginners’ Garden, where we have planted many of the clematis on their list of great plants recommended to gardeners unfamiliar with clematis. We have two island bed dedicated to the 60 or so plants on that list, and all of the clematis pictured in this post are from the eldest of these beds. Each of these clematis is proclaiming loud and clear its worthiness to be on the list!

Clematis 'Abundance'

Beginners’ Garden
‘Abundance’ (Viticella Group)
‘Alionushka’ (Integrifolia Group)
‘Arabella’ (Integrifolia Group)
‘Betty Corning’ (Viticella Group)
‘Bill Mackenzie’ (Tangutica/Orientalis Group)
‘Comtesse de Bouchaud’ (Late Large-flowered Hybrid)
x durandii
‘Emelia Plater’ (Viticella Group)
‘Etoile Violette’ (Viticella Group)
‘Hagley Hybrid’ (Late Large-flowered Hybrid)
‘Helios’ (Tangutica/Orientalis Group)
C. macropetala ‘Maidwell Hall’ (Atragene Group)
C. mandshurica (Flammula Group)
‘Markham’s Pink’ (Atragene Group)
‘Minuet’ (Viticella Group)
‘Piilu’ (Large-flowered Hybrid)
‘Prince Charles’ (Viticella Group’
‘Walenburg’ (Viticella Group)
WISLEY (Late Large-flowered Hybrid)

The Beech Tree’s Garden
C. apiifolia
‘Black Tea’
C. fusca
C. hexapetala
C. stans
‘The Velvet’

Clematis 'Arabella'

Baltic Border
x diversifolia ‘Olgae’
‘Pamiat Serdsta’

Old Poland
‘Jan Pawell II’
‘Kardynal Wyszynski’
‘Mikolaj Kopernik’
‘Monte Cassino’

Clematis 'Alionushka'

In Steppe
‘Blue Boy’
‘Lake Baikal’
‘My Angel’
‘Rose Colored Glasses’
C. tibetana subsp. vernayi ‘Orange Peel’

Via Atragene
C. alpina ‘Pamela Jackman’
‘Ballet Skirt’
‘Broughton Bride’
C. fauriei
C. ianthina var. kuripoensis BSWJ700
C. potaninii
C. rehderiana
‘Rosy Pagoda’
C. tubulosa ‘Wyevale’

Heirloom Garden
‘Alba Luxurians’
‘Colette deVille’
C. crispa
x diversifolia ‘Eriostemon’
‘Fairy Queen’
C. florida var. flore-pleno
C. integrifolia
x jouiniana
‘Lady Caroline Nevill’
‘Madame Edouard Andre’
‘Madame Julia Correvon’
C. occidentalis var. grosserata
‘Perle d’Azur’
‘Purpurea Plena Elegans’
C. recta
C. tangutica
C. urticifolia
C. viticella

Front Bank
C. fremontii
‘Gravetye Beauty’
integrifolia ‘Hendersonii’
integrifolia var. nana
‘Little Belle’
Mongolian Bells seed strain
‘Princess Diana’
‘Swedish Bells’
C. viorna

Founder’s Garden
‘Blekitny Aniol’
‘Duchess of Waverly’
‘Fond Memories’
‘Jenny Keay’
‘Maria Cornelia’
‘Paul Farges’
‘Warsaw Nike’

On the Terrace in Pots
‘Blue Light’
‘Dark Eyes’
‘Fairy Dust’
‘Jerzy Popieluszko’
‘Mrs. T. Lundell’
‘Perrin’s Pride’
VANCOUVER ‘Danielle’
C. viticella ‘Lisboa’

Inside the Greenhouse
‘Burma Star’
‘Horn of Plenty’
‘June Pyne’
‘Kiri te Kanawa’
‘Prince Phillip’

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