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Posted by LindaB on Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Clematis Wish List for the Rogerson Clematis Collection (updated April 2012)

These are plants FRCC would like to acquire for the collection. If you know of sources of plants (of cultivars) or seeds (of species only) of any of these please contact info@rogersonclematiscollection.org .

1. ‘Asashimo’ (LFH)
2. australis (Australia)
3. baldwinii (USA-Florida)
4. ‘Blue Rosette’ (LFH)
5. ‘Blue Tapers’ (atragene)
6. ‘Burford Variety’ (meclatis/tangutica)
7. chiisanensis ‘Love Child’ (atragene)
8. chrysocoma (wild form) (montana species)
9. columbiana var. tenuiloba ‘Ylva’ (species selection)
10. x cylindrica (integrifolia x)
11. drummondii (USA species)
12. gouriana var. lishanensis (vitalba)
13. hilariae (tangutica)
14. ‘Jubilation’ (LFH)
15. ‘Lavender Lace’ (LFH)
16. ‘Mevroux LeCoultre’ (LFH)
17. ‘Miriam Markam’ (LFH)
18. ‘Miss Crawshay’ (LFH)
19. ‘Mrs. Bush’ (LFH)
20. ‘Natacha’ (LFH)
21. peterae (NZ species)
22. ‘Piccadilly’ (LFH)
23. ‘Purpurea’ (viticella)
24. ‘Regency’ (LFH)
25. ‘Tillicum’ (LFH)
26. ‘Trost Fragrant’ (flammula)
27. x vedrariensis (montana)
28. viticaulis (USA species)

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