Adopt-A-Clematis allows “foster parents” to contribute directly to the care and feeding of one particular clematis plant for one year.

Clematis japonica

Although your selected clematis will remain in the care of FRCC, if the clematis you sponsor is successfully propagated during the term of the sponsorship, you, the foster parent, will receive your own plant to grow in your home garden. All FRCC clematis have a unique inventory number, so you will know exactly which plant you are sponsoring. Adoptive parents will receive a Certificate of Adoption, a picture of their clematis in bloom, and regular updates on the plant’s activities such as: when it is repotted or weeded or fertilized; if, when, and where it is planted at Luscher Farm; bloom updates (so you can visit!); a sign displayed with the clematis announcing your sponsorship of it; an invitation to an adoptive parents’ party so you can meet other foster clematis sponsors.
ClematisRose Supreme
What does your clematis get? Each adopted clematis will be propagated (by cuttings, seeds, or division, as appropriate), and its care and feeding are insured for the duration of the adoption period.

Should the unthinkable happen, and a sponsored plant should perish for any reason, the fee includes replacement of the clematis for FRCC.

The cost of adopting a clematis is $50.00 per year for FRCC members, and the sponsorship starts when your adoption form and payment are received. The non-member adoption fee is $75.00, and includes a one year membership at the individual rate.

If you would like to support the clematis display gardens at Luscher Farm by sponsoring one (or more) clematis, please contact us at

You can pay now and we’ll send you the adoption form.


Contact us for a list of clematis available for adoption.

We hope you will sign-up now to ensure that your favorite clematis has a happy healthy future in the Rogerson Clematis Collection.